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[15 Dec 2006|12:56pm]

post secret.

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[22 Nov 2006|06:23pm]
all day ive been working on my anatomy homework. i guess my teachers believes that this is my only class and i have all the time in the world to study and do work sheets on it. not to mention we have to teach ourselfs everything. she never bothers going over any of the subject matter. so if we missunderstood somthing we dont know until we fail a test. eventhen she doesn't bother to review what the majority of the class got wrong. i really cant take this class much longer. i was excited to take it and now i want nothing more then to drop it. but i cant. it's the one class that i need for college. i guess i dont really need to go to college. i can be a shift leader at dunkin donuts for the rest on my life. what a statement that would be. i mean this is supposted to be a vacation but i'm doing more school work then i have when it's not. i really have to get out of this class.
i'm peacing out of it. before it totally kills my GPA. which i'm trying so hard to get back up from doing so poorly in math last year. i really dislike school. i dont even think college is anything i'll like. shit. i might as well do hair. i'm good and it and i already know how to do it all. foils and everying. fuck it. why not

oh and i miss you!
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wasted by the campfire [06 Nov 2006|02:49pm]

fiday night i went to the movies with joshua and a bunch of friends. we went to the late show and ended up seeing borat. it was the funniest movie. at times it was really gross tho. !
then saturday joshua and i camped out at scotts house, it was his birthday party.
there was a fire and everything.
i got really drunk. not only because i drank way too much - (4)shots of jager (1) shot of captins (3) mikes hard lemoade (1) smirnott -raspberry -
also because i didnt eat anything allday. lets just say i was really sick on sunday and still am today. - didn't go to school
but over all it was fun
i guess joshua and i passed out in the same chair. him hanging over one side and me on the other. everyone was like "look, it's a match made in heaven."  but i must say the only way i made it through sleeping outside in a tent was being so shitfaced that i couldn't realize that i was cold.  honestly i thought it was hot out. i was 28 out and i was in a shirt and pj pants. for me that's crazy because i'm cold sitting in a room that's 70 degreese. 

so tomorrows joshuas birthday. i finally thought of something i could get him. 
i know he's going to like it :]
he's having a friends party on saturday and then the family one is on sunday. 
i cant wait. i got the weekend off so i dont have to worry about calling out if i'm hungover in the morning. 
all i know is i'm never drinking jager again. that shit if rough. 

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Dinner and a Movie [27 Oct 2006|10:44am]
walking around school i realized that i'll never get to experience a high school romance. never get to have someone wait for me at my class door or walk me to my next class. it's something you only get to experience in high school and it sucks that i wont get the chance to have that. on the same note having a high school relationship brings about allot of unwanted and mostly untrue drama, that frankly, i could live without. so i guess it all works out. not to mention that i wouldn't trade the experience of having a high school relationship with the one that i have right now. if i saw my boyfriend all the time at school seeing him on my days off or on the weekend wouldn't be as special. not seeing him ALL the time makes the times that i DO see him more special.

so tonight joshua and i are going to do a Dinner and A Movie night. we're going to cook dinner together-not totally sure what yet, and then watch a movie - the village. we didn't' really know what to do and neither of us had and idea to i thought of this and he really liked it. we just wanted to relax and not have to go out and Do something and spend money.
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[25 Oct 2006|03:49pm]
[ mood | amused ]

So basically.
i love my boyfriend.
i cant wait till school gets out. it's an early release day, but i get to go shopping with joshua's mom. :)
his family's so nice.
it's so cute at times that it's sorta gross.
but yeah
got my computer back and i guess when the power went out it crashed it and fried the cable. so we have to get that fixed and then it should be all set. :)

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ZOOOOOOM [16 Oct 2006|02:15pm]
[ mood | tired ]

i got my permit yesterday. at the age of 17- this is sad.
joshua also took me to look at a car and i want it. i'm going to buy it. it's a nissan sentra. it's marron. it's auto and has power everything. i just need to get a cd player for it. 
i need to find a new job.
i applied to work at a bank and i hope it get the job. vicky, one of joshua's friends mom, we call her mom works there and she wouldn't mind having me work there so HOPFULLY i'm able to get the job. and it would be nice to get dressed up for work and wear nice clothes and not smell like food when i get home...!
and i would get suday off and i wouldn't work at 7 in the morning and i would finally get hours durring the weekdays, not just on the weekends.
not to mention i hate the food business and ANYTHING outside of it would be and improvement. 
i sick of food and working around it. 

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[03 Oct 2006|10:51am]
[ mood | dorky ]

homecomings this saturday. joshua's able to come which is good. i wasn't planning on going but then everyone's saying its your last on, your senior year, you really should go. i guess they talked me in to it. i'm not buying a new dress tho. i'm wearing the one that i wore to prom last year. it's just a simple backdress that i got from ju ju and moxii's. but it kinda sucks that i'll have to work before the dance but i need the money and i'll be gettting out at 1 so it's not so bad. but i wont be able to make it to the football game on friday, which is shitty. it's the only game that i enjoy going to. i guess i'll have to find something better to do.
so i have to find a car by the middle of this month.  i'm not having the best of luck. im so damn picky. i never like anything that i see. or if i do see something that i like it's a 5 spd and well i cant drive that. ugg.
this weeks going to be crazy. i have so much to do. but atleast it's going by kind fast. not to mention i have a four day weekend. - no school friday and monday. 

... and i dont know when my computers ever going to be fixed. hopfuly i'll have it back soon.

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[04 Sep 2006|04:52pm]

i had alot of fun at camp with joshua. the best part was going to this antique shop and finding some cool stuff, one being an owl cared from wood dated back to around 1950 that's from spain. joshua found it. then he bought me some old jewelry. i wish i didn't have gauges because there where some reallly PRETTy earrings that i wanted. oh well. but then the lady that owned the shop gave me this clay owl for free. she said i would appreciate it more then anyone else because i love owls and to keep collecting. also she loved the fact that two young kids were so into antiquing. 

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[31 Aug 2006|07:18pm]

So, i just hade my first day of school and i'm already sick of it. i have all my hard classes in one day, and then the next day i have the "fun" classes. but i have alot of friends in them so i guess that evens it out. right?

Okay so i had this friend from myspace. yeah i know. but she has the coolest necklaces and i found how who she gets them from. so i messaged her. and i'm getting a necklace custom made for me that says "kp" 
yeah i know. it's going to be hella cool and i'm going to be the only one i know around here to have a necklace with their name on it. 

so i'm leaving to go up to came with joshua tomorrow. we're leaveing sometime in the after noon. we're not gettting home till sometime on monday. i'm so pummped. really. i cant wait. there are alot of cute little thriftshoppy stores up there that joshua said i'd love. when his parents when up there at the begining of the summer they came home with a present for me. it was these to necklaces on of an angle and one of an elephant. i'm so excited i cant wait. but i have to go now. emeril's on

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i got mail [29 Aug 2006|06:21pm]

      my shirt came today

And i got this really cool necklace too

so on friday i'm going up to joshua's camp with his family. we're staying there till monday. i cant wait. i've wanted to go sense the begining of summer. yay!

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[26 Aug 2006|11:48pm]

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[25 Aug 2006|09:52pm]
so i hung out with brittany today.
we went to the mall so i could pick up the shirt that joshua really wanted.
when he wasn't home i left it on his bed so when he does get home he'll see the bag and know just what it is, i hope. 
he's wanted this shirt forever. i was really hoping he wouldn't buy it because i wanted to get it for him. 
but yeah
brit and i went to the super great wall for lunch.
id never been there. it has so much stuff there. it's a Chinese restaurant but they have a lot of other thing to choose from.
and there was this guy that worked there that kept staring at us. it was really uncomfortable.  i mean
it was really obvious that he was doing it.
but that had an ice cream machine where you get it yourself and brit tried every kind but until she found one that was all right
and she left all the ones that she didn't want on the counter. it was pretty funny. i thought we were going to get in trouble because we didnt eat them but they didnt say anything
but yeah
over all i had a fun day.
it was one of the first days that i've had off that have been nice out and i've do something.
i guess i'm bad at picking the good days to take off
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[24 Aug 2006|03:50pm]
i had  to work 12-5 today. which i wasn't to happy about.
i got out early, 3, because i wasn't feeling well
i ended up sleeping in late. because i didn't want to get up
and that's not my normal self. i'm normally up by 6
so when i got to work i said fuck it. 
i'm leaving at 3, so i called leona and asked if she's come in early for me
so i could leave and she did
so i left.
i'm really just not having a good week.
not to mention my hours got cut at work, so my pay checks not going to be as big as the other.
so yeah. right when i get a raise they cute my hours. so i'm really making less then i was to be honest
i would rather work 8 our shift then 5 hour ones
with a smaller pay. 
at least the checks are bigger.
i'm tired
i'm going to take a nap
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[23 Aug 2006|04:32pm]

my dad left for norway monday. 
he wont me home for a week. 
it's nice to have the house to myself
for the most part. stewarts here but he works when i dont so i never really see him
i just noticed how much i enjoy things being quiet. 
i start school in a week. i'm kind glad
i'm tired of the whole work rutine. i need a change.
i didn't get done all that i wanted to this summer
but that's typical.
i wish i had drew more. 
and read more.
but i was pretty much busy with work or hanging out with joshua.
it flew right bye. but im kind glad.
i like the fall better.
the nooner summers over
the faster fall comes.
then winter. 
then spring.
and schools over with.
sounds so fast. 
but i know it's going to be a long year.

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[22 Aug 2006|09:46pm]
okay really. i'm in a bad mood
it's crazy how my whole day can be going fine
pretty well really
and then one little thing can bother me so much
it's ridiculous really.
it's so pathetic. 
i'm so frustrated that i don’t even know what to write
i just felt like writing
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[22 Aug 2006|09:41pm]

i bought a new cd today
but over all
was not good.

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[15 Aug 2006|08:52pm]
my comps finally working
but i dont have alot to talk about
well i got to hang out with nikkie finally
i'm waiting for her to call right now. 
we're going to go school clothes shopping together.
i went last weekend and saw kristen. :)
i got new shoes tho. they're pumas
they're really nice to run in. they're all black except the out line of the cat on the side
which is white. 
i'm going up to joshuas camp in a couple of weeks
for 4 days.
i cant wait.
but he's going camping this weekend with the guys. well he's leaving thur and wont me back until sun. :(
i'm hella jealous because the place is really pretty up there. not to mention i'm not going to see him this weekend :(

but that gives me time to be with the girls :)
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[23 Jul 2006|01:01am]
went to work today. ended up working 2 more hours then i was planning on
then i went to joshuas and colored for a little bit
while he played video games
then i took a nap
we eneded up renting some moves that well have to watch tomorrow
because we went out to eat with some friends
after dinner the boys went over to hannys and played with the shopping carts
runing them in to things and smashing them together 
it was pretty fun
in the end joshua was the one to get hurt.
he cut his face. not bad. but it bled a little bit
so then they got the idea to steal the shopping carts and take them home
and go to the raymond school and play around with them
so they put them in the back of scotts truck and went home with them
i had to come home because i have to work tomorrow
i was pretty much upset about that. 
i wanted to go. 
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summer : working [21 Jul 2006|05:06am]
so basically i work alot.
but yet. 
i'm trying to get another job
my current one
pays me shit
i applied at a place for the end of the summer
but i think im going to take up a job with brit
it's from 4pm - 10-11-12am
depending on how busy it gets
i'll never get to do anything thing tho
my life will be working 
and i'm going to be so tired.
have to work at 6 in the moring and not getting home till 12
but the money is needed.
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[11 Jul 2006|10:52pm]

these past couple of days with joshua have been great
eventhough he has mono. but he didnt get it bad at all.
he cant go to work so i get to see him right when i get out of work.
he picks me up and brings me.
the last couple days he's been coming a couple hours early
so i can see him on my break
and he comes in and talks to me when there isn't a line
or no customers

i stayed the night lastnight
we woke up this morning and had the idea to go to bull moose in lewiston.
it sucked. well the free bin did. and thats what we went there for.
i was kind pissed. 

and i'm pissed that i have to work at 5am tomorrow

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